Baby its cold out there !!!

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Well here in Ottawa today it is -40 with the wind chill – so cold. Thoughts of this cold day make me focus on tomorrow and better, warmer weather. Focusing on tomorrow makes me think about the next few weeks ahead of me, of which I am terribly excited. I leave the chill of Ottawa January 18 to travel to Nebraska to meet up with Dr. Jim Wand, I will be working with him as he does a crazy amount of shows for a week – so so so excited about the opportunity to work with this Legend, a man I now call my very good friend and mentor. Then on February 8th I leave for much warmer weather. I will be meeting up again with Dr. Jim Wand, Sean Michael Andrews, Don Spencer and Richard Barker and friends on a training seminar for a week long cruise travelling to Cayman Islands and Cozumel Mexico, wow!! I am so incredibly blessed with good fortune this year – can’t wait for all that is in front of me. Counting down the days – with a huge warm smile!!