Why utilize Kenda Summers, Canada’s Premier Female Stage Hypnotist for your next fundraising activity?

  • Kenda Summers provides a “Turn-Key Approach to Fundraising”
  • Little advance planning necessary
  • No product sales required
  • Unique approach to raising money
  • Fun activity that motivates your group members to work together
  • Attracts large audiences
  • Can be utilized year after year and never gets old
  • The attendance grows each year as the performance changes annually


  1. Get several well-liked teachers/administrators and high-profile students to volunteer to get hypnotized at the performance. Advertise this school-wide
  2. Get several local business owners, politicians and other high-profile citizens to volunteer and advertise this prior to your event
  3. Have an article put in the local newspaper. If possible, have the paper interview the artist who is doing the event
  4. Have the local radio station(s) that cover your area do a remote interview with the artist. Get a popular DJ to volunteer to be hypnotized
  5. Put up posters in high-traffic areas including high schools and middle schools within a 45 minute drive of the performance location
  6. Play a demo video at all district schools at least a week before the event
  7. Sell tickets in the cafeteria during lunch at each school where you advertise the show
  8. Join forces with a local service group and split the profits
  9. Get tickets printed and pre-sell them for at least $2.00 less than you will charge at the door. Make tickets available at several locations besides where the sponsoring group is selling them
  10. Run a contest where the person who sells the most tickets will get a price. Solicit local businesses for this prize donation
  11. Create a program where you can sell sponsorships to local business and hand them out the night of the performance. Also, recognize these businesses in the introduction at the event
  12. Put your event in the daily school announcements



  1. Everything listed above under “Fundraising Night Program”
  2. Try to get one or two teachers/administrators to participate in the day assembly, too
  3. If you have a middle school or junior high in the same building or close by, invite them to the day assembly and get 1 or 2 of their teachers to volunteer for the day assembly
  4. If you have an auditorium that you’re using for the night assembly that doesn’t hold the entire school population, possibly do two day assemblies
  5. Have 4 – 6 students available to assist in setting up when the artist arrives.


Feel free to contact Kenda Summers for additional information.