Fundraiser – Oct 19th – For tickets or more info please call Josee @ 613-899-0254

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I am absolutely thrilled to be participating in this magnificent fundraiser for this incredible family – here is their story: Everything started when Kariane was 10 years old. she was sick every month for about 7-9 days with fever, headaches and hallucinations. the doctors thought she had urinary infection. They did testing for 4 years and always the same answer. When she just turned 14 years old, Annie (the mother) was discouraged by the fact that the doctors could not find what was really wrong with her daughter. Annie decided to bring her daughter to CHEO… they told her they had to admit her as she was very sick. Her kidneys are very sick they said. In March, the doctors asked her if they could do a biopsy on her kidneys since they were not doing well.the results of this biopsy shocked everyone as they found out that half of her kidneys were “dead” and the other half worked 28%. Lupus is the name of her illness.. there is no cure. Kariane is now 16 years old and is in and out of the hospital. this disease is attacking her lungs, her bones (she had 2 surgeries on her hips and 2 in the knees). There is also liquid in her brain and she must get multiple lumbar puncture. She also suffers from osteoporosis. Kariane takes 54 pills a day that are obligated not counting the numerous ones she takes for pain and nausea. She has to go to the hospital 2 times a month to get infusions for her bones. She also gets chemotherapy on occasion to help with the pain.
This family is a family of 7 (5 children and 2 parents). Although this illness compromises most of their plans, Kariane’s brothers and sisters are very understanding and do everything they can for her. Kariane has good spirit and faith that one day they will find a cure for Lupus. This faith is what makes her family continue to fight the fight! Annie can only work 2 days out of the week (if Kariane’s health permits her to do so). Sean (dad) works 6 days a week to provide for his family and when Annie is at the hospital with their daughter he takes care of dinner, homework, housework etc… Annie says that it hurts their hearts as parents to not be able to offer all their kids everything they deserve, but they understand!
Lupus is a daily battle that this family is fighting… They say ” We are not rich with money but, we are rich with love.” Would love to see you there!