Good to be back! Hypnosis and YOUR powerful personality.

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Just back from a fun, jam packed 10 days. AnnaRose Anderson and I traveled to Newport Kentucky where we performed two shows at a gorgeous venue. We also did some private clinical sessions while there for 3 days.  After that we traveled to Chicago to partake in a great week long educational class.

It was an enriching class with a ton of new knowledge that I look forward to implementing. The class was on profiling your personality. It presents a precise method for understanding your personality; your relationship with yourself and the people around you. Bosses, kids, spouses, siblings, even the guy or girl at your bank.  Once you understand your personality type and the personality of those around you, you can learn how to bring positive changes into your life, and sometimes stop letting that person who always seems to get on your nerves, not bother you any longer. It can also give you a much greater understanding of the things good and bad that occur in your life and how to handle them better.

The more a person understands who they are are and how and why they operate the way that they do, they also become aware of their habits. Once you become aware of your habits you can free yourself from any undesirable habits.

Did you know that is where the magic of hypnosis will come into play? We will marry these two entities together.  With hypnosis we can speed up any changes that need to be made at a subconscious level, easily and quickly.

I am hoping to do some of these classes in and around the Dubuque area; in group settings at different facilities, and one on one at my office space ~ Hypnotic Solutions, Plaza 20 ~ C5.

I know I have see a lot of clients that will find this knowledge helpful and beneficial in helping them understand themselves and the world around them better.


Change your Mind ~ Change your Life!