Hypnosis fun at the Ramada Inn, Cornwall

Published on March 8, 2014

Kenda Summers, The Northern Entrancer, at the Ramada Inn – Cornwall, Ontario, having fun with some potentially new American Idol’s.

Live on Stage in Vegas!

Published on June 24, 2013

Kenda Summers, The Northern Entrancer, and Sean Michael Andrews, World’s Fastest Hypnotist, performing live on stage at The Orleans Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas!

Omg!!! The Power of the Human Mind

Published on May 22, 2013

The HYPNOTIZERS doing a hypnosis show in Daytona Beach Florida and something happened that you could NEVER have predicted. We met the lady after the show and she is amazing!

Hypnotized volunteer grabs Hypnotist

Published on Oct 29, 2012

We were doing the show for the Mid-America Hypnosis Conference in Chicago and Kenda Summers got too close to one of the volunteers. Look at what happens next!!!

Instant Inductions in a Stage Hypnosis Show with “The Hypnotizers”

Uploaded on Dec 17, 2012

How Sean Michael Andrews identifies the best hypnotic subjects.

Street Hypnosis with “The Hypnotizers” on Stage

Published on Sep 22, 2012

Woman in waking hypnosis develops a temporary stutter. VERY funny!

The Martian skit with – “The Northern Entrancer” and “The World’s Fastest Hypnotist”

Uploaded on Oct 16, 2011

The Martian Skit
A Martian Captain addresses the UN General Assembly with a message of peace. We have a Martian-English interpreter, but the Martian First Office curses every time peace is mentioned. Then other crazy stuff happens!

“The Hypnotizers” on CTV Television Live – Halloween Segment

Uploaded on Oct 31, 2011

Sean Michael Andrews and Kenda Summers on CTV LIVE in Ottawa, Ontario.


See photos from some of Kenda Summers’ past performances!

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