My life is changing!

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As most of you may or may not know, I lost my beloved Stella in a tragic accident June 12, 2017. I have after much time and consideration made a decision on the little girl that will be coming into my life, to not replace Stella but to add to what Stella started. Stella can never be replaced, she was my heart dog! But I dearly miss the pitter patter of 4 paws on the floor. I am happy to introduce to you a new little girl who will be coming home  after I return from Boston on the 15th of March. My good friend Moriah the Medium came into my office a while ago (we share office space together) and she said to me Stella is ready to return to you Kenda. You will know its her by the white markings on her face, her white chin and belly, oh, and she wants to be called the same name. So this little girl will be called Stelly, which was Stella’s pet name. She will be on the road with AnnaRose and I this summer  – doing her Hypnotic K-9 thing and enjoying the awesome people we come into contact with at the Fairs!