Note from a happy client

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Just had to share this wonderful testimonial from one of my VGB clients – so proud and happy for her!!!! ****Psst what she doesn’t realize is, I am merely her guide – her subconscious is doing all the work! ** I went to Kenda to try the VGB weight loss program. I have drank diet mountain dew around the clock for years, I overeat and hate water. I don’t want to be 40 and fat this year… I have no control over the 40 part so I wanted to do something about my weight now! I wanted to look and feel better but needed help and I have found it!
After just 1 session with Kenda I have stopped drinking pop all together, she just told me to cut back because there is nothing you can’t have or need to cut out completely. The only thing I want to drink is water, I’m drinking over 150 ounces of water per day – it is the craziest thing! I’m eating the small portions she advised and do not feel hungry at all. The feeling of fullness after eating a dessert size plate of food for my meals is unbelievable. The weight is coming off and I feel great! I quit taking the elevator at work and no longer look for that close parking spot in parking lots. My motivation and dedication to make this change is helping but what Kenda has done for me is amazing, thank you so much! JC. WhatPeopleSaying