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I was asked by a TOPS group in Illinois to come out and do a talk on weight loss and hypnosis. I asked them if they would enjoy doing a hypnosis session right there after the talk. And all in attendance agreed. The things that they most wanted to address, was drinking more water. Pushing their plates away after they were full and content. And staying away from the sweets and sugary snacks.

We had such a great time. We had over 17 in attendance. And after my hypnosis talk, everyone settled down onto a yoga mat and pillow and we did a short impactful hypnosis session utilizing the power of their minds to reinforce all of the suggestions that wanted me to include.

Here are a few of the testimonials from the evening.

I am so Grateful for Barb H. connecting with Kenda. I felt so Blessed to attend Kenda’s hypnosis event..with a wonderful group of Ladies. ?Tuesday night.
Wednesday I woke up from a sound nights sleep with No cravings for Diet Dew, after years and years of drinking it, Alot of it. This feels so amazing for me.! I am not even tempted to have a dew. I now wake feeling like I want to drink water, and when I do drink water, I feel so good, and calm, and content, and my mind and body feel happy and Free… I don’t know how to explain this!
Another huge difference in my day is: No Snacking… what? Huh? Snacking is my middle name… not anymore…. ?
I slept so sound last night, my husband said I snored, ( I prefer to call it Purrrrring ).. ? as I count down my 30 days of listening to Kenda’s recording, I am so excited to see what awaits me 28 days from now, May 18th! Thanks again Barb. ? and Kenda…. so Inspiring ?

Then this one: Wow!! I was part of a group hypnosis a few nights ago. I had provided Kenda Summers with a few session topics because as a group we were all looking for similar results with regards to being healthier, weight loss, etc. I went in with an open mind and happy to try this. Each night I am listening to Kenda’s recording. It is as pleasant as listening to her in person that evening. She is so friendly, genuine, a gem. Several of the ladies in the group have now told me this was a positive experience and that they see & feel the effects. Me too! Please consider getting in touch with Kenda Summers.

I am so fortunate to be able to aid these wonderful ladies in reaching their goals. See below a calendar that one of the gals made, as she embarks on this hypnotic journey.