When your Best Friend Dies!

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Just back from an emotional hypnosis session today at Hypnotic Solutions in Dubuque Iowa, (my clinical office), which oddly at the same time was extremely therapeutic for me as I have recently lost my sweet Stella. A past client came to see me to help her with demons that were creeping back into her life from her past. We started talking and unraveling things and she teared up and proceeded to tell me about her cat developing cancer in April and her having to put him down. She was devastated. This was a young girl, this was her first pet, this was her first brush with death. This was the first real grown up thing that she had to do to her beloved pet. A pain most of us cant fathom unless we have been there.

As her and I spoke about bereavement and all the different stages that people go through, (denial, anger, depression and finally acceptance). We also touched upon the wonderful lessons that our pets teach us, no matter how long they are in our lives. And sometimes you don’t realize these lessons until you come upon a situation in your life and see how you and now handling it as compared to how you may have handled it in the past.

As a pet owner our worst fear is losing our beloved fur baby. There is no correct way to grieve and work through the process of death, because we all walk a different path when it comes to our pets. And sometimes the people we surround ourselves with will understand what we are going though, and sometimes they wont.

I really enjoyed this session today with this young lady, we both cried, we both shared, and most importantly we both talked about how we wouldn’t have traded a thing about the precious short time we had with our babies even though we hurt so much now.

Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened – Anatole France.